Unary division

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A minus sign with nothing on the left represents negation of whatever's on the right.

Why isn't there a unary division symbol?[1][2]

\[ \div x = \frac{1}{x} \]

The page on wheels[3] in the nLab suggests exactly this.

  1. Tweet by Christian Lawson-Perfect: "We have unary minus, i.e. "-2" is the same as "0-2". Why don't we have unary division, i.e. "÷2" could mean the same as "1÷2"?"
  2. Tweet: "Years after impishly proposing a 'unary division' operator at big #mathsjam, I find myself actually needing to introduce one in my real work."
  3. https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/wheel